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Bionicle Heroes All Bosses, Cutscenes and Piraka Playground (Without any upgrades)

It's Finally here guys (List All Bosses, Cutscenes and Pikara Playground) (Game Intros) 1. Intro 1 00:00 2. Intro 2 01:00 (Vezok's ...

LEGO Bionicle Heroes: All Piraka Playground Activities

Bionicle meets Wile E. Coyote! Which one is your favorite? Mine's the lounging chair mishap, though they're all great thanks to the ...

Let's Play Bionicle Heroes 100% Walkthrough (Finale) Secret Chamber 3 and The End!

Welcome to the Finale of my lets play series on Bionicle Heroes for the Xbox 360. In the finale we do Secret Chamber 3 and we ...

Bionicle (PS2) The Full Game

My experience was miserable. What a disaster. Okay so it's not the worst game ever, it is completeable but my goodness does it ...

BIONICLE Heroes Intro

The CG intro for the game.

BIONICLE 2: Legends of Metru Nui (1080p HD)

The second BIONICLE film, "Legends of Metru Nui, prequel to "Mask of Light". Technical Specifications/Changes - Upscaled to ...

Bionicle Heroes

Toa Vs Piraka bionicleheroes.com.

Bionicle Heroes - Longplay Full Game Walkthrough (No Commentary) (Gamecube, Ps2, Xbox 360)

Bionicle Heroes ahh yes this game, I would spend hours just running levels and collecting all the Lego in the level and i ...

[Xbox 360] Bionicle Heroes - Walkthrough Final (1080p 60FPS)

Final walkthrough of Bionicle Heroes in 1080p 60FPS with no commentary!

These cutscenes make no sense | Bionicle Heroes #6

Previous Episode: https://youtu.be/lgEV9YMWlRQ -Next Episode: https://youtu.be/hiFMgnNU3r8 ⇝Twitter ...

Let's Play Bionicle Heroes 100% Walkthrough Part 3 Shattered Wreck and Rroodaka Boss Battle

Welcome to part 3 of my lets play series on Bionicle Heroes for the Xbox 360. In part 3 we head to Shattered Wreck and we face of ...

[Any%] Bionicle Heroes in 3:15:22 (World Record)

World Record as of 9/23/2019. Pretty solid for a race run, and I'm happy to have sub-3:20. The run can definitely be sub-3:10 since ...

Shattered Wreck - Roodaka Boss Battle - Bionicle Heroes

Third Level in Vezok's Cove, with Roodaka as the boss fight.

Blizzard Peaks! - Bionicle Heroes Playthrough - Part 11

Here we traverse the treacherous Blizzard Peaks and defeat the Dark Hunter, Nidhiki!


TAKUAAAAA Episode 1 of Bionicle Heroes! BIONICLE Series in Review ▻ https://goo.gl/GSCXJi ...

The Beaverstream: BIONICLE Heroes DS - Session 1

Once again, in the spirit of streaming old let's plays we never finished, we return with this game to Rahkshi Like a Hurricane.

Shattered Wreck! - Bionicle Heroes Playthrough - Part 3

Part 3 of my Bionicle Heroes PC playthrough! Here we explore the shattered wreck of an old ship and face off against the queen of ...

Bionicle Video Game All Bosses No Damage

Boss List 1. Bohrok Kohrak 0:00 2. Bohrok Gahlok 01:59 3. Bohrok Tahnok 04:15 4. All Bohrok 05:35 5. Rahkshi Lerahk 08:34 6.

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