Видео: Retevis RT3 dmr review part 1

Retevis RT3 DMR radio review part 2

part 2 with demonstration of a qso with someone in norfolk and hearing australia.

Retevis RT3S Dual Band DMR Radio With GPS & Record + Programming

Coupon (orders over $100) Discount Code: thanksgiving3 Get it here: ...

DMR Range Test Part 3 of 3 - Retevis RT3

In this video I am testing the DMR range of the Retevis RT3 DMR radio from two different locations. The radio was kindly sent ...

Retevis RT3 dmr Review recensione radio ita

Iscriviti al mio canale: http://www.youtube.com/c/SamuelMagistro Link rt3 : http://bit.ly/2eaCO3g video recensione radio dmr ...

Retevis RT3S Dual Band DMR Radio Programming Guide & Import full DMR database

Hi Everyone! I wanted to do a full guide on how to Program your new Retevis RT3S DMR Radio, This is a full guide including ...

Retevis RT-3 DMR radio

DMR radio Retevis RT-3 same as TYT md-380 and Tytera md-380.

Retevis RT3S DMR HT Intro and Field Test

The Retevis RT3S is a small, attractively priced analog/DMR HT that will take many hams into the digital world of VHF/UHF ...

DMR рация Retevis RT3 обзор и первое знакомство.

Цифровая радиостанция Retevis RT3 обзор и первое знакомство. Все будет интересно узнать что скрывается внут...

Retevis RT3 тест на 4 км в цифре и в аналоге

Цифровая радиостанция Retevis RT3 радиосвязь на 4 км (в отсутствии прямой видимости) цифровом и аналоговом...

Retevis RT3 DMR Firmware Upgrade How-To

Retevis released a firmware upgrade for their RT3 and RT8 DMR radios. This is the how-to video on the RT3 model. You can get ...

Retevis RT3S 💥 first impressions, very good!

Purchase here http://bit.ly/ChrisRT3Spost-1.

DMR with the Retevis RT3

First try with my new DMR handheld radio Video will be used in a facebook comment.

Retevis RT3 modified FM + DMR

RETEVIS RT3 modified audio on FM + DMR Modifications for audio improvement see: http://www.mods.dk/view.php?

Retevis RT3S DMR Basic Operation

This video shows the basic operation of the RT3S dual band handheld from Retevis. This radio is basically the same as the TYT ...

Retevis RT3 UHF DMR HT

Retevis RT3 UHF DMR HT

Vorstellung Retevis RT3 DMR Handfunkgerät (wie Tytera TYT MD-380)

Gibt es hier: http://amzn.to/2jj2J5Z Alles zu DMR: https://wiki.dg9vh.de/dmr:start Beschreibung Wenn Sie nach einem DMR ...

MD380 Retevis rt3 md390 codeplug setup for talkgroups and dial up

https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BzQtWyydAt-lbFptSmVhZ1B... Important note.turn off any hotspot first Many thanks to ...

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